Friday, July 11, 2008

A Frank And Thorough Exchange Of Views.

Yeah, Elroy knows, but he's been busy. If you tuned in for Just Say No!, the latest from your one and only favorite interwebs wundkind, Elroy is sad to relate that it had to be recalled urgently due to some fatal flaws and errors in logic and reasoning. The mistake was made in production and the appropriate minion has been duly sacrificed, but not before offering an abject and groveling apology to all and sundry, and Elroy hopes you can accept with the same good grace that he sadly failed to muster.

Meanwhile he has been locking horns with The Arctic Fox, so take a peek at the goings-on here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and, of course, here, and report back with your scores or join the fray!


Frznagn said...

Just so youse know, someone actually clicked on the links.

Anyhowz, can't handle me by yourself? Gotta call in the calvary?

Heheh. Just messin' wit ya!

My son tells me it's really expensive down there. Kinda surprising since it's so expensive here. Usually, things are cheaper when we go elsewhere.

Elroy said...
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Elroy said...
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Elroy said...

So I’ve increased your traffic? Well! Nice to know I’m good for something. And don’t you worry, I can handle you just fine – as a Australian Labor PM once said to the leader of the opposition, I’m going to do you slowly. I merely invited my pals along to watch, but I’m a non-exclusionary kind of guy I wanted to make the interactive option available to them.

If your boy’s wallet is copping a spanking down here, thank your government. It must be a while since you were out of America (or Canada, or Russia), but in the meantime the $US has been on a slippery slide south. Not so long ago the $AUS was worth 50¢ US, but now the $US and the $AUS are nearly at parity, and our minimum wage, is considerably higher than that of the US – $5.85US Vs $14.31AUD.

My missus worked in the US during the peace and prosperity scare of the mid-nineties and was struck with how cheap everything was; if that has been turned around by the Bush admin I’d think long and hard about who you vote for before y’all slip any further toward third world status. Oh – how the mighty have fallen, and oh – how much further can they go?

Frznagn said...

One click isn't that much of an increase.

"I’m going to do you slowly."


The minimum wage will be going up this month to $6.55 and Alaska is $7.15 (or min. of $1 higher than Federal mw)

"Oh – how the mighty have fallen,"

Big whoop. We've had ups and downs throughout our history. Who's surprised at this?

I saw that your leading export is coal. It's nice to see your country's contribution to global warming.