Thursday, March 15, 2007


And welcome to the most bloviatin' blog that the internets ever did! Now, when we're not a-solving mid-life crisisis we're giving unsolicted advice to just about any innocent bystander that
hoves within the periferal vision and you, dear reader, are no exception.

Also, and as well, we thrive on political debating, so if there's anyone out there wants to take us on – we're more than ready. One rule: you can use as many personal insults as you care to dredge up, but be aware that will mean that you have lost the argument. And we'll be taking score. Stay tuned for more.




Timmer of Righting America said...

Elroy -

HA! I see you got tired of waiting for the end of my hapless sebatical and FOLLOWED MY ADVICE. Good on ye, matey. And I am happy to be the first of your commentators/future critics and personal (mutual) gadfly.

It's almost as if I planned it this way....;-)

Hawkeye® said...

Hi Timmer. Good luck with the bloviatin' Elroy.

(:D) Regards...

Elroy said...

Thanks all! It's good to be here, but that don't mean I'm gonna let up on you guys!



shaun said...

Well done Elroy
the nay sayers had best watch themselves.
You may well come forth and pat them on the back,but we know your really looking for a soft spot to plunge the dagger of democracy.