Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well, it’s been a while but here we are – back.

Elroy has made a new years resolution to post often and not, as is his wont, write ream upon ream on a subject until either the situation has resolved itself or changed completely, or the interwebs crashes because of the word count. No, the new Let’s Ask Elroy!™ will be full of up-to-the-second thoughts and ponderings, links, quotes and just…more. Hooray!

On a personal note, Elroy would like to extend an apology to Emannuel, a reader from Elroy’s hometown who made some very kind comments and asked some very pertinent questions. Elroy did attempt to reply – he wrote it down and everything – but it has only just come to the attention to his dedicated team of Interwebs manipulators that, for reasons unknown, it never made it onto the screen/website as such and instead disappeared into the cyber-ether after being posted. Grrr! Stoopid Cyber-ether!

So sorry Emannuel, and please don’t take it personally – the team noticed the omission because Mad Dog logged in to agree with you, and so Elroy says ‘Ta everso!’ to him, too and begs Emmanuel’s forgiveness. Elroy’s sorry, really, and will reply again shortly.

Meanwhile, onward and upward – more posts, little ones, big ones, links, other people's posts, whatever – welcome to the all new looking Let's Ask Elroy!™

1 comment:

anthony said...

hey elroy

emmanuel here. thanks for the message mate. am still waiting for the reply to my pertinent, thought provoking questions (i forget what they were!). it seems that even though you made grand statements to blog regularly, that, as i write on march 20, you haven't posted for quite some time. come on man how do you expect to develop an avid readership to rival huffington et al with such sparse entries!

would love to hear your impression of obama thus far. and rudd for that matter. did you think the alcopops tax was a worthy bill shut down only by a uncompromising religious zealot? or merely an attempt from an increasingly desperate government to solve the problem of our alcoholic culture?

and on another level, does god exist or are you a dawkins espousing atheist? (the latter i suspect) come on man, get writing, i'm working at albert park nowadays so merely a stone's throw from your no doubt posh (it is inner city bayside after all) confines in elwood.